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As an avid music lover, just consuming it has never been enough for me. That's why I've used two creative outlets to express my opinions and vision.


See below for a snapshot of my work! 

Music Blog

Writing has been a interest of mine ever since I started writing my own chapter books in elementary school. As an adult as my love for music blossomed, the two interests converged in my music blog Collective Effervescence, named after one of my favorite sociological constructs which means, in essence, the feeling of energy and harmony when people are engaged in a shared purpose (ie. singing along to a band performing at a concert). My blog contains a variety of casual musings ranging from music reviews to think pieces.

Concert Poster Designs

In my free time I enjoy designing posters for concerts that my friends or I have attended. While this hobby is a fun way for me to explore my creative side, it's also allowed me to strengthen my graphic design skills as each piece of art is thoughtfully sourced from a combination of the band's album covers, sound, and overall aesthetic. Explore the gallery below to see a few of my favorite designs created using a mix of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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