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must ministries

I spent the summer of 2018 interning for a non-profit thrift store called the MUST Marketplace, a subsidiary of the non-profit organization MUST Ministries. Below is a summary of the work that I completed for the MUST Marketplace over the course of the summer as well as an advertising campaign for the brand that I produced, managed, and published.

Click the button to view a presentation that summarizes my work during my time interning at the MUST Ministries, including data points summarizing my work's impact on the brand from a sales and audience exposure standpoint.


At the end of the presentation is an explanation of the thought process behind a campaign that I created and executed. The advertisements for the "Make Earth Day Everyday" campaign that I created as well as screenshots of Instagram posts that I curated for the brand are attached below. To view a full picture instead of a preview, click on the photo to open up the photo gallery.

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